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Healthy Plate with P1p

We designed, investigated and enjoyed building and eating our healthy plate with fruit and vegetables and healthy carbohydrates. Look at our amazing work. What a great way to try new…

Easter Egg Competition P1p

We all worked so hard designing and creating our eggs for the competition! Well done to you all! Our finished designs are just amazing! Well done to Noor for being…

Science Week with Primary 1p

For science week we investigated changes. How can we change the colour of the white flowers? What makes ‘Oobleck’ change?  Is it a solid or a liquid?

Red Nose Day with P1p

We had great fun on Red Nose Day raising lots of money for this amazing charity!

Skene Square’s Got Talent

  We all enjoyed the performances of our very own Skene Square’s Got Talent super stars!    

Shrove Tuesday

We enjoyed reading and following the recipe to make pancakes.  We were simply fabulous at following the instructions and working in small groups. We measured the flour and sugar carefully….

Literacy in P1

In Primary 1 we have been working really hard to build cvc (c-a- t) words by sounding them out and blending them together. We are continuing to build up our vocabulary by learning…

Chinese New Year 2017

We have been finding out about Chinese New Year.  We have learned about the preparations that take place before the New Year and how the New Year is celebrated.  Why…

Scottish week at Skene Square

These are our lovely Nessie collages.  We printed the background using shaving foam on acrylic paint and then added the shapes of the mountains and Nessie. We all did really…

Frost and Cold

We have been looking at all things cold and frosty.  We explored the properties of ice and how we can stop it from melting.  We were very interested to learn…