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Primary 2Green Building Project.

We have been finding out about how things are built and what materials are used. We went out to look at the granite walls of school and we watched the…

Primary 2 Green’s Polar Project.

We had fun learning about the Antarctic. We have learned about how animals survive the harsh climate and about the people who visit there.

P2Green…. interesting nests.

Here are some of us looking at a selection  of nests .  We loved the swallow’s nest of mud and wondered how comfortable the twiggy magpie’s nest would be.

Primary 2 Green begin their ‘Bird’ project.

We are looking forward to finding out lots about garden birds, amazing birds big and small and how birds build their nests. We will be having a visit form the…

P2 Green’s book of the week.

This week we have been reading all about a troublesome squirrel called Errol . We watched some squirrels tackling obstacle courses and designed some of our own. Great squirrelly fun.

Models for Techfest.

Here are some of us in Primary 2 green with our lego models. We worked in pairs to make a den for baby bear for a Techfest challenge.