Primary 2 green art work

Here is our class beanstalk. We think it looks great.

Primary 2 green – chalk beanstalks

We had lots of fun chalking beanstalks out in the playground. Some of us drew really huge beanstalks with castles at the top.

Science Club

Today in Science Club we were creating chemical reactions. We added Alka Seltzer tablets to water inside differently sized bottles. Our partners then quickly put a balloon over the top…

Loose Parts play P4/5

Primary 4/5 had a great time last Friday taking part in Loose Parts. They all worked really well together and showed great imagination!

Roald Dahl Day – Friday 15th September

Just a little reminder that we are celebrating Roald Dahl Day in school on Friday the 15th September. We invite all pupils to come dressed as their favourite Road Dahl…

Working with P6 Playground Leaders

Primary 2y had great fun this afternoon with the P6 Playground Leaders. The P6s taught the boys and girls how to play Domes and Dishes, Banana Tag, Traffic lights and…

Loose Parts Play

We had a lovely morning in the sunshine with Hannah and Mel.  P1p were fabulous! They were so interested and imaginative and such great team players.  They listened well, played…

Christopher Nibble P2green

    We enjoyed reading ‘Christopher Nibble’ and painting these pictures of this clever guinea pig.

P5/6 and P6 visit the Booked Festival

P5/6 and P6 got the amazing opportunity to visit the Booked Festival at the Arts Centre. The P5s from P5/6 joined the P5s on their visit (Check out the great…

Welcome Back to Nursery 2

We’ve been super quiet in Nursery two this week and last, with some visits of new children this week! We’ve spent some time downstairs with Nursery one and had loads…