The Owl Who was Afraid of The Dark

We have started reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson.

We will be learning lots about owls as we read it and exploring our feelings along with the main character ‘Plop’.

As our trip to the park was cancelled we enjoyed making bird-feeders by putting cheerios onto pipe-cleaners and then hanging each loop together to make a chain for the birds to hang on and enjoy our tasty treats.

This was a great activity to develop our fine-motor skills.dsc08928

We hung the chains of cheerios out into the garden for the birds to enjoy!

dsc08946            dsc08948


We also made some amazing owl pictures using leaves, pine cones, conkers and branches.

dsc08924 dsc08925 dsc08926 dsc08927 dsc08929 dsc08930 dsc08931 dsc08932 dsc08933 dsc08934 dsc08935 dsc08936 dsc08937 dsc08938 dsc08939 dsc08940 dsc08941 dsc08942 dsc08943 dsc08944 dsc08945