P5/6 Visit Wagamama

On Tuesday 28th February Primary 5/6 visited Wagamama at Union Square to learn all about Japanese food. The boys and girls had a super time learning about all of the different ingredients used in Japanese cooking, making their own smoothies and learning about Japanese culture. Here are some of their photos and comments on the day:

” I really enjoyed tasting the food and I discovered that I like mango smoothie.” – Dulcie

“Wagamama was a really fun and awesome school trip.” – Kallie

“I really enjoyed tasting all the different Japanese food. I learned how to say the colours in Japanese.” – Mizella

“I really liked Wagamama. Now I know what it is like to eat Japanese food.” – Yayha

“I loved tasting the Japanese food. Don’t taste the seaweed!” – Aiden

“I had fun making and tasting a smoothie. I also enjoyed making an origami frog.” – Sereen

“I like Wagamama. It was so nice and I learnt how to use chopsticks.” – Ramon