‘Try IT Out’

This afternoon P5/6 visited North East Scotland College to take part in an IT workshop. Everyone had a great time using Lego Mindstorms, fixing computer problems using Minecraft world, helping computer games developers find the bug in a program, building a network computer and becoming a detective to solve a computer crime. Here are a few of our comments and photos:


Yahya – “I really liked the Minecraft game because it was very fun.”

Lewis – “I really like the Minecraft game and I was the first to finish the map.”

Nojus – “My favourite part was fixing the PC. It looked cool inside and I found out where all the bits go.”

Mizella – “I really liked the robot group and I learned how to control it.”

Maryam – “I liked the robot because we got to control it with an iPad. I also liked the crime scene task. There were lots of hardware devices hidden and we used them to solve the crime.”

Dulcie – “I also liked the crime scene task. There were lots of hidden items that could store data.”

Yaacoub – “I liked learning about the robot programming. It was really cool.”

Lokesh – “I liked the computer task because they showed me how the computer works.”