Monthly Archives: June 2017

The Marvellous Mini-Beast Show

Our show was a great success. Primary 1 looked amazing! A really big thank you to all the Primary 1 families for the help with costumes and the generous donations…

Skene Square in bloom

    We have been very busy planting in the school garden. Come and have a look!  

Schools Out

A few options for Summer Holiday Activities

We’ve had a couple of questions on activities for kids this summer, this is not an exhaustive list (nor are they “recommended” by the Parent Council. Just a list of…

P2g RSPB Visit

Claire from RSPB came to visit us this week and did a Bioblitz with us in the playground. First she told us all about the insects and birds we might…

Bonjour and Salut from P6!

P6 have spent the last few weeks learning the Meet and Greet Song in French. This has allowed us to learn everyday common phrases in a fun and enjoyable way….

Education Scotland Update

Education Scotland Update

P3 Digestive System Science

Today we learned about the digestive system and the journey food takes through our bodies. We enjoyed getting messy in the classroom and discovering how amazing our bodies are! Enjoy…

P3 Cereal Box Challenge

We have been looking at advertisements and how they influence us. We watched television adverts for different breakfast cereals. We discussed what we liked and disliked about each advert. Some…

Boat design………will it float?

We made boats from tin foil to hold a toy. We will test them to see if they float.