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Welcome back Nursery 2!

Nursery 2 children are all so happy to be back in nursery again after the holidays and are keen to get learning!  

Models for Techfest.

Here are some of us in Primary 2 green with our lego models. We worked in pairs to make a den for baby bear for a Techfest challenge.

Design Challenge

Primary 7 have been working on some design and technology challenges.  We  we were challenged to build a bridge that had to meet specific criteria and be within budget. It…

Welcome to Primary 5!

Here are some pictures of our recent visit to Cocoa Ooze. 

Welcome to Primary 3/4!

Here we are in Primary 3/4! We have been lucky enough to have some engineers in to visit! We are going to have opportunities to be different types of engineers this week….

Welcome to Primary 4

Ella was lucky enough to have afternoon tea with Mrs Innes for working hard in class at all times.  

P1 are reaching high to pop the bubbles!

Primary 1 Red are popping bubbles!

P1r enjoyed popping bubbles in the playground. We jumped up high and stretched our arms to pop the highest bubbles! We then drew a black line drawing and wrote a…

Making A Den for Baby Bear

As part of Engineering Week we were given a challenge to make a den for Baby Bear using Lego blocks. We worked in small groups.  Here are our prototypes! Don’t they…

Our Rights Respecting School Mascot

Say, ‘ hello,’ to Bob, our Rights Respecting School Mascot. He gives us good advice to keep us safe around the school.