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Chinese New Year in P1

We have been finding out about Chinese New Year and the different things that happen at home to prepare for and celebrate Chinese New Year! We then made lanterns or…

Our Lungs!

The boys and girls in Nursery 2 have been learning about the human body.  This week we looked at lungs and breathing. During our gym time, we used an experiment…

Pancake Flip Races

What a fun way to learn our common words today!!  

P5 St Valentine’s Zentangle card making

Love was in the air in P5!  We made beautiful zentangle artwork St Valentine’s Day cards for our friends and family.  It was important to concentrate really hard to create…

P6 – Internet Safety

P6 have been learning about being safe when using the internet.  They have been getting creative with their learning and have created Internet Safety Raps.  Have a look and see…

P7 STEM Superstars

We had lots of fun working in a team to create a balloon powered car in order to explore and investigate how friction, including air resistance, affects motion in moving…

P6/7 Step into STEM

We have really enjoyed working as part of a team to create a model for different challenges.

Science Club make cloud dough

The pupils in Science Club have been investigating ‘variables’ and ‘constants’ in experiments. They were tasked with making ‘cloud dough’ and were told what it should look and feel like….

Pancake fun in P2y

Today in P2y we made and enjoyed fruit and pancake skewers. We cut the pancakes into quarters.  Next we sliced and chopped bananas, apples and grapes.  Then we carefully pushed…

Pancake Friday Fun!

We had fun making our fruity pancake faces this afternoon and LOVED eating them even more! Hmmmmm…delicious!