Word finding with finger lights in P2 green.

We had fun using finger lights to find tricky words in our reading books.

The Tour Series Skene Square School Mascots

Chloe and Alfie both had a great time up on the Podium on Thursday night at The Tour Series. Well Done to you both!

Fidget Spinner Maths with P3/4

As a lot of children in our class have and love fidget spinners we decided to use them for our learning last week! As well as working on reading comprehension…

Internal Notice Board images

For the parents that rarely get time to go into the school when it is open here are some images of posters etc that are on the internal notice boards.

Loose Parts Play with P1p

Today was our second week working with Hannah. This week we first revisited the rules to keep us safe when playing with loose parts, e.g.  not dragging the tarpaulins but scrunching them…

Nursery visit to P1 Blue

P1 Blue have enjoyed meeting some of the nursery boys and girls who will be moving into P1 next year. Have a look at what we have been up to….

Fidget Spinner Maths

Today the Octagons maths group used fidget spinners to investigate rotational symmetry. They then went on to devise their own fidget spinner challenges where pupils had to estimate how many…

P1r have green fingers again!

This week, we are learning about ‘what plants need to grow’. This is part of our topic ‘In the Garden’. The boys and girls were confident when learning about how…

Education Collaboration Event Summary: Where next with Education Governance?

Please find the COSLA Meeting report on Educational Governance attached for your information. [gview file=”https://skenesquare.aberdeen.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/170515-Education-Collaboration-Event-Draft-Report.pdf”]

Word walk with P1b, P1p and P1r

P1 went for a word walk around the school today, we found lots of our common words.