Welcome to Primary 3/4!

Here we are in Primary 3/4! We have been lucky enough to have some engineers in to visit! We are going to have opportunities to be different types of engineers this week….

Welcome to Primary 4

Ella was lucky enough to have afternoon tea with Mrs Innes for working hard in class at all times.  

Engineering Week

We are enjoying our engineering week.  Yesterday we did our first challenge with Lesley and today we talked to an sub-sea engineer. Afterwards we completed our first challenge to build…

P1 are reaching high to pop the bubbles!

Primary 1 Red are popping bubbles!

P1r enjoyed popping bubbles in the playground. We jumped up high and stretched our arms to pop the highest bubbles! We then drew a black line drawing and wrote a…

Engineering Fun!

Primary 6/7 have been taking part in a variety of engineering challenges this week. We have also had the chance to talk to real engineers and ask them questions about…

Making A Den for Baby Bear

As part of Engineering Week we were given a challenge to make a den for Baby Bear using Lego blocks. We worked in small groups.  Here are our prototypes! Don’t they…

Hello from Primary 6!

Today we worked with P5/6, P6/7 and P7 to work in pairs to create a model table. The materials we had were cardboard, newspaper, sellotape and scissors. The table had…

Our Rights Respecting School Mascot

Say, ‘ hello,’ to Bob, our Rights Respecting School Mascot. He gives us good advice to keep us safe around the school.